Wednesday, May 7, 2014

4 things they don't tell you about post-grad life

01. the world owes you nothing.

i won't get into the concept of degrees being a less-than-valuable commodity these days, or which degrees "guarantee" you a job and which don't. fact of the matter is, you aren't owed a single thing by having a degree or going to college. accept that your hard work and determination will make you stand out. your degree isn't a ticket. don't treat it like one.

02. the whole going out on a monday thing doesn't stop. or on a tuesday. or wednesday. or thursday. or ohhhh wait its friday and we're going out again.

maybe this stops after you're in you're 40's? who knows. but people still go out to the bars during the week & work 9-5 jobs. oh yeah. and it's up to you to decide how much of your sanity & health you're willing to sacrifice to continue to keep up. at the ripe age of 23, i've given up. i'd rather put on cuticle oil and do yoga on a tuesday night. grandma status.

03. it's ok if you have "no idea what you're doing".

pssst... this is a secret... but nobody knows what they're doing. college doesn't teach you how to be yourself or how to make the choices that ultimately decide where your life goes. embrace your gut feeling, do what feels right for you & your career, and just go with. everybody is just going with it.

04. your perspective is the most imperative mental component of your everyday life.

i realize that many people have circumstances out of their control and hinder them from developing a positive perspective. this part isn't about ignoring your reality, mental health or financial situations to just "put on a happy face". aside from those issues, this is about remembering to be grateful, accepting that your life is what you make it, and that the endless buzzfeed lists about lost & confused 20 something's are completely out of control and cliched. you aren't a lost soul if you're trying to decide where to go to grad school or what wine to buy - you're a fortunate, competent young adult. stop with the buzzfeed lists & social media whining. you're going to be just fine.

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  1. At least you have figured these things out early on!!! The world surely owes us nothing just because we toughed it out in classes for four years.

    And going on during the week? Ummmm grandma over here. I might, MIGHT go out once a month on a weeknight. I mean, like who has energy for that? I have a strict bedtime of like 10pm.

  2. #4 is so so true! Your view of yourself ad self-awareness is everything.

  3. This list is perfect. Three is spot on, you won't wake up one morning knowing where to go and what to do! And Number 4, Yes!

  4. No one understands no. 1 ever! I know for a fact that I'm not guaranteed a job after college, but hopefully, I can find one in my career field quickly after. xx

    -Darianne | She Wrote Today

  5. #4 is very true. Everyone gets so obsessed with trying to get everything now and the way they want it that people need to just be happy with what they have and try to take life one day at a time.

  6. I graduate in December, but I can already see how these 4 things are very true. I have embraced the grandma status as well. Thank you for such a great, eye-opening post!


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