Thursday, June 26, 2014

3 year blogiversary!

some 2011 blog memories... and me with my first legal drink when i turned 21. yep.
today is a special day. 3 years ago, this little blog was born.

i've been blogging on and off for over a decade. but 3 years ago, i decided to "get serious". to me, blogger was "serious", as opposed to tumblr, xanga, and livejournal. blogger felt real. like i was writing something people may actually read!

but wow, how life has flown by.

3 years ago, on june 26, 2011, i...
  • photographed these cheese & chive scones i made, and felt really proud of them. they were delicious, y'all. i mean really, go to my first ever post on this blog and make them.
  • was 20 years old, and living in tuscaloosa the summer after the april 27th tornado. it was a ghost town. the apartment i sublet was next to a deserted mess of what used to be another apartment complex. it was unsettling. the city felt dead. it was a weird summer.
  • didn't really know who i was or what i was doing -- so characteristic of a 20 year old woman, right? little did i know that the rest of 2011 would bring a breakup, a revelation about my career, the weirdness of post-tornado life, shifting of priorities and so much more.
3 years is a huge chunk of time when you're in your 20's. i don't even feel like i'm the same person. and it's crazy to think that this blog has grown with me, into something bigger and better, an outlet, and an inspiration to connect with others.

some posts to check out from 2011 are: tornado recovery progress, my red velvet cupcake recipe, receiving my dream handbag, making my own birthday cake, and plenty of life recaps.

i think i'm a little more personal on the blog these days.

here's to 3 more years. happy birthday blog!

when's your blogiversary?!


  1. Happy Blogiversary! 3 years is a big achievement!

  2. 23 is still so young! You still definitely still grow and change as a person and have amazing experiences. Happy blogiversary!

  3. happy blogiversary! You have definitely done a good job keeping up with blogging. Im constantly letting life get in the way - eventually I will figure out how to stay inspired! xo

  4. Happy Blogiversary!

    Amy @ http://nystateofmind5.blogspot.com/


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