Friday, June 6, 2014

good happenings in birmingham - early june

for the next two weekends, there's a lot going on in birmingham! if you're looking for food, live music and beer, stick around for some awesome events we've got heading our way. here's some details:

  • this weekend is slice fest, a music/food festival in lakeview n its third year. the festival ins june 7th and is just like a giant block party! i'll be attending & i can't wait. there's going to be pizza (of course), awesome music & good times. visit the slice fest website for more information, or follow slice on twitter - @slicebirmingham!
  • one more event coming to birmingham this weekend is, of course, magic city brewfest! this is a great event promoting all of our lovely birmingham breweries, as well as breweries from around the state. in fact, the lovely beers of fairhope brewing company (my hometown ♥) will be there as well. magic city brewfest kicks off tonight at 7pm, and june 7th at 4pm.
  • next weekend, june 14th, is rewind fest! this is an awesome event taking place at oak mountain amphitheater, a beautiful venue down in pelham. the entire festival is made up of tribute bands. OH MY GOSH. the red not chilli peppers, slave against the machine, almost kiss? sign me up y'all. it doesn't get better than that. i can't wait! for more information, check out the rewind fest website, or follow them on twitter - @rewindfest!
will any birmingham bloggers be covering or attending these events? let me know & i'll see you there!


  1. I'm going to Slice Fest tomorrow to cover the event for ALWB! Will you be there!?

    1. That's awesome!! Yes, I'll be there! Tweet me & we can meet up!

  2. We had talked about going to Slicefest, dont know for sure yet. We went to the brewfest when it was in Huntsville so we wont be going to the Birmingham one.

    1. Hope you can make it! It'll be a ton of fun.


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