Monday, July 21, 2014

lush mini haul + review

the other week when i was in atlanta, i stopped by lush in lenox square and picked up some goodies! i don't get to go to lush as often as i'd like (uh, why don't we have one in birmingham yet?!) so i always stop by one when i can.

i got three products i've never used before. i tried to break out of my butterball/sex bomb/honey i washed the kids routine. i love those products, buuuut it was time for something new. i got 2 bath bombs, phoneix rising & fizzbanger. i also picked up the cupcake facial mask.

of course, everything smells amazing. so far, i've used the cupcake facial mask. it smells vaguely chocolately and rich, but more herby and fragrant with sandalwood than you'd expect. it feels so refreshing to put on if you use it right when you take it out of the fridge. i let mine on for 15 minutes, and the entire time, all i could think about was how i was going to get the chunky brown stuff off my face. the mask is thick, very much like the consistency of cake batter!

i was pleasantly surprised that with some warm water, the mask came off super easily - no mess! it made my skin feel really soft, refreshed and clean. the next day, i noticed some redness i had had subsided, and my skin felt great. this is the first facial mask from lush i've used, and i think i'm in love. i'm going to use it again tonight.

i can't wait to use my bath bombs to relax after i'm done traveling this month!

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  1. I want that cupcake mask so bad. :) Those bath bombs look super fun too! I need to check this place out.


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