Friday, July 18, 2014

molly of make today lovely

hey y'all! i'm currently in denver, colorado for a little vacation, so i'm welcoming fellow birmingham bloggers member molly of make today lovely for a guest post! her blog is wonderful - my favorite recent post is for this cinnamon caramel peach pie. see y'all soon!

Hello there! My name is Molly-Brown from www.maketodaylovely.com. I am so happy to meet all of you, and thank you to my blogging friend Floral Frocks for welcoming me to her blog! I am a twenty something nursing student, and I currently reside in sweet home Alabama.

I chose to blog because I wanted to bring a little brightness to my readers' day by sharing everything that I find lovely. I believe in enjoying every moment, and Make Today Lovely allows me to share those special moments with all of you in hopes of inspiring your own zest for life. I never want the little things to pass without me noticing their true beauty. Through my blog this ordinary beauty is brought  to your day through style and good taste. Come by and visit Make Today Lovely to take a break from everything that is strictly business, and enjoy yourself through fabulous clothes, delicious food, and lovely sights. Make Today Lovely is a way for me to express my creative side in hopes of bringing smiles and joy to my readers.  Here are a few lovely loves of mine, and I hope to see you over at Make Today Lovely very soon! You can find me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

                                            Fresh Food                                        Flowers                                     
My puppy Eden

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