Monday, July 7, 2014

review: nyx's dream catcher palette

ok, i do love my naked palette. and i've used the hell out of it. it's a little embarrassing how dirty and busted up it is. i've even gone out and purchased singles of some of the colors. needless to say, i love me some neutral shadows, so this palette caught my eye in ulta when i was perusing for a a shimmery champagne shade after my single pot of 'sin' ran out.

nyx's dream catcher palette comes in 3 varities - golden horizons, dusk til dawn and stormy eyes. originally, i was set on the golden horizons palette. when i got to ulta, it was sold out! i was really drawn to the dusk til dawn palette and ended up picking that one up instead.

for $14.99, it's definitely more affordable than the naked palette. this week it was on sale on ulta.com for $8.99! i wanted to see the colors in person though, just to be sure. so far, the pigmentation on colors is a hit or miss - some are far more pigmented that others. these shadows are also slightly more chalky than i anticipated, and it feels like there's lots of product going on and not enough color payoff. however, as i said, this is differing from shade to shade so far. using a primer is a must.

it's a good buy for the number of colors you get. however, if you've got the money to spend and you're looking for a neutral palette, you're better off with naked or a too faced palette. i'm going to continue playing with the colors here as i do enjoy the shimmery shades for basic lid colors, but will i repurchase this? probably not. nyx is a wonderful brand for the price point, but this palette only looks gorgeous - the actual color payoff and shadow texture falls just a bit short.

overall rating: 3 of 5 stars.


  1. These are such pretty colors! I don't wear makeup often, but you've made me want to take a trip to Ulta.

  2. I love the naked and too faced stuff. I always see really pretty colors in other palettes...but I tend to stick with what I know.

    1. Me too. Compared to Urban Decay & Too Faced you can definitely tell this is a $14 palette!


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