Friday, July 25, 2014

tamera's 5 ways to stay in shape this summer

hey y'all! today i've got another fabulous guest poster on floral frocks, and you're going to love her! tamera is a chic and super smart nyc blogger who blogs at plan t style on all things fashion, lifestyle & business. today she's sharing her tips on how to stay fit in the summer (it's so difficult with all the parties and the humid weather) so stay tuned! give her a follow on twitter as well.

I find myself negating all of the hard work I did in the Winter, in the Summer. With cookouts, outdoor brunches, and the occasional movie blockbuster, I'm tempted left and right with bad food choices! I know you've all been there too! Well, I will not be a victim of the Summer food coma. Here are some ways I'm maintaining the waistline that you can follow too.  

1. Drink Water. Surprisingly, people do not drink as much water as they should. The recommended is at least 8 ounces per day, but we can aim for higher than that, right? Drinking water keeps you hydrated and moreover, helps regulate how much you eat at the dinner/cookout/brunch table. Drinking water helps to prevent overeating. Try switching out sodas with water and you'll immediately notice a difference.  

2. Eat more fruit. For every hotdog you consume, you should be eating a banana or grapes to balance. Fruit has dietary fiber, which helps regulate digestion and a great way to get hydrated and full. Banana is high in fiber which combats bloating. So instead of those 3 scoops of ice cream and a belgium waffle (guilty) treat yourself to a small banana split to get some fiber and fun.  

3. Exercise. No surprise that adding high impact activity to your lifestyle will fight the bulge. But you do not have to spend $70/month for a gym membership. I am not about that life. When I was injured and could not run for about four months, I did strength and conditioning at home. In addition, you can find yoga you tube videos to help strengthen your core & lose weight. Quite honestly, that's what caused me to drop additional water weight and build lean muscle. Another way to get in a workout? Take a SoulCycle Class. Every week, Soul Cycle offers Community Rides. Free classes where all you pay is the $3 shoe rental. Spin your cookout woes away for free! To find a location near you, visit www.soul-cycle.com.  

4. Eat Breakfast. Eating the most important meal of the day is helpful to prevent overeating. You can have a filling 500 calorie breakfast to start you on your day. One example is mini pancakes 4" diameter, 1 egg with veggies & 2 stripes of turkey bacon, that is approx 500 calories and is a great balance.  

5. Cut Dining Out. Going out to eat is one of the easiest ways to gain weight and lose money. Instead try limiting dining out to only two meals a week. With one of them being brunch of course! Your waistline & wallet will thank you!

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