Wednesday, July 30, 2014

where i've been... and where i was supposed to be

july is almost over, and i am so relieved. while i've enjoyed myself this month, i've also been working like crazy and i haven't had a second to breathe. i've read every magazine in the airport. i've seen a lotta airports this month.

on july 16th i flew out to denver, colorado to spend time with my friend mike & his family in littleton. i was prepared for a totally different landscape, and colorado delivered.

over the course of 4 days i explored downtown denver, visited boulder, golden and red rocks amphitheater, perused downtown littleton (which is adorable) and had some delicious food! we went to this adorable coffee shop downtown called spur - y'all, this place had the most incredible gluten free desserts (pictured below) and coffee. YUM. around day 3 the altitude started to wear on me and i was exhausted. but i powered through!

so, on july 24th i was supposed to fly out to san diego to go on a cross-country roadtrip with my friend priscilla. i chose to fly standby. so, yeah. that didn't work out. i waited all day friday at the airport. no dice. on saturday, i got to the airport around 6am and waited for more flights -- and i got a seat! i was so excited. it was happening.

but no. nah. no plane for you. you will never get this, you will never get this. (i'm combining soup nazi and borat.....?)

delays at the charlotte airport caused them to make efforts to combine the 7:30 & 8:30 flights. i lost my seat. and that was my last chance to get out to san diego that day. so, i had some chick fil a breakfast (why not at this point) and went home, took a nap, went out and bought cosmetics and things to make myself presentable (because even though i didn't go to san diego, my luggage sure did) and went to get cocktails at collins bar. typical.

all in all, standby flying = 1/10, would not recommend. colorado, on the other hand? i need to go back. i didn't spend nearly enough time there! it's way too gorgeous and diverse not to go back. hello, skiing? anyway, i'm going to lay low in birmingham for a while and recuperate. it's much needed.


  1. What a bummer you couldn't make it to San Fran for a cross country road trip! Next time. Colorado is one of my favorite states. I haven't been in a long time, I hope I can visit next summer! You've been traveling a lot this summer!

  2. I love that wallet! I was in Colorado only for an hour, and from what I saw was very beautiful! x


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