Friday, August 22, 2014

august blogger book club linkup

hey y'all! my friend molly of hey there sunshine started an awesome linkup called the blogger book club, where we can link up & share what we're currently reading, our last read or what's our our "to read" list. since i graduated (which was a year ago y'all, i really don't have any excuses anymore) i've tried to teach myself to read for pleasure again, and i think i've finally accomplished that.

in the past month, i've been reading some great girl power reads! in july, i read sheryl sandberg's lean in and i am so, so happy i did. her insight is fantastic, and i already feel as if i need to read it again. currently, i'm reading tina fey's bossypants, which is hilariously candid and inspiring. i'm thinking for my next read i'll go in a totally different direction - maybe some fiction?

to join in on the blogger book club monthly linkup...

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