Monday, October 27, 2014

the best month of the year

woah woah woah. i miss blogging. a lot. life has been a whirlwind lately and i haven't had nearly enough time to write my own posts! i'll summarize real quick.

on october 13th, i turned 24.
yay. i took the day off work & went hiking down at moss rock preserve in hoover, and then i ate a burrito, so it was probably my most adult/successful birthday ever. and then i got free starbucks and bought myself a birthday bouquet. go self. the next night i went to melt in avondale with my friends, and my bff sofia got me my favorite perfume ever that i ran out of ages ago, because she reads my mind.

beth and i went to meetings on meetings for birmingham bloggers.
our shopping party at kendra scott is the 29th, and we've got a cool collab with insomnia cookies in the works! friday, the 17th, beth and i were invited to a delicious dinner at the brand new babalu tacos & tapas in lakeview (which is uh right by my apartment btw, so i'm ready to eat here way too much) and it was amazing! super fresh, super delicious, guac made tableside, what more can you ask for?

goooooo state! (it's their time, y'all, really, so i'll let them have this season)
the 18th was molly's wedding day in starkville, complete with cowbells! the wedding and reception were gorgeous. did i mention molly had mini grilled cheeses at the reception? yeah case closed here. congratulations molly & stephen!

i got a cat. kind of, but not really.
my part-time cat lucy has been hanging out a lot lately. let me explain. lucy is what i believe to be a stray living in my apartment complex. i've fed her a few times and, well, you know how that goes. now she sits outside my door and meows. she's gotten quite comfortable sleeping on my couch and pretending to love me. i've never had a cat. i'm not sure they feel real emotions or if i'm just a pawn in her plot for apartment complex domination. anyone got cat tips?

my favorite month is drawing to a close, but i'm thrilled about the holidays approaching!


  1. Happy late birthday! Can't wait for Wednesday night to get here!

    1. Thanks Brittany! I'm excited for Wednesday too!

  2. Cat tip: don't let her anywhere near those gorgeous lilies you bought yourself. They'll kill her.

    Also, she's cute. And you have totally been adopted by a cat. Congrats! It'll turn out great.

    1. Good to know, thank you! She's been skiddish lately so I don't think she'll be near the lilies in my room anytime soon. I've got to stock up on cat treats!


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