Wednesday, November 5, 2014

recent beauty favorites

01. nivea kiss of care & color - this. stuff. is. my. favorite. oh my gosh. i am not a lipstick girl. i'll put it on, but it's a struggle for me. these add a hint of color and feel exactly like a lip balm - they're probably even more comfortable than revlon lip butters. i have them in a few shades, and i wear them non-stop!

02. juicy couture's viva la juicy la fleur - i am a huge, huge fan of juicy couture's perfumes, especially viva la juicy. my friend got me viva la juicy la fleur for my birthday, and i'm obsessed! i wear it every day, and i'll probably run through the entire bottle before the year ends.

03. mary kay eye cream - i've never tried any mary kay products prior to this one, nor have i used a dedicated eye cream. i do like this product, and i wake up every day with my skin buttery soft. as far as help with dark circles, i'm not sure. however, i really need to keep this in my routine, because there is no such thing as too much moisturizing, especially around the eye area.

04. opi polish in 'keeping suzi at bay' - this has been a wonderful fall color that i've worn on my hands and feet constantly. it's a slightly darker, rich toned navy that looks gorgeous with fall color palettes.


  1. I love and use the Mary Kay eye cream religiously! I don't know what my eyes would like without it, lol.


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