Monday, December 8, 2014

quick & easy holiday cocktail with ruby red

disclaimer: ok y'all, i am not sponsored by deep eddy vodka, it's just that good. really. so hey deep eddy, send me some bottles & i'll make more cocktails, ok?

my parents took a trip to austin, texas a few months ago, and brought back a few bottles of this stuff - deep eddy's ruby red grapefruit vodka. and then they got excited. and ordered, like, six more bottles. the stuff is made in austin, and they just opened up a brand spankin' new distillery. deep eddy pool is the oldest spring fed pool in austin, hence the namesake.

so when i went to austin a few weeks ago, i was on the look out. all the bars in austin carry it. my cousin and i were in c-boy's (picture the 80's in bar form) and a much older gentleman ordered my cousin and i "ruby red & water".

"ruby red? huh? like, deep eddy's? grapefruit vodka?"
"oh, we just call it ruby red."

this vodka is so, so smooth and delicious. it's quite refreshing, and can be enjoyed year round! super yummy in summer, but also very festive for a pretty holiday drink. i'd even throw a splash or two in champagne (and i probably will at my christmas dinner party in a few weeks!).

for a simple cocktail that'll really let ruby red shine through, whip this up:
  • 2 parts deep eddy grapefruit vodka
  • 1 part (or a little splash more, depending on your tastes) club soda
  • juice of 1/4th a lime (or, again, a little more if you're like me)

could it be easier? toss in your lime, get a cute class + a cute red straw & you've got a gorgeous drink ready for holiday parties. this vodka compliments so many flavors, so if you pick a bottle up, be sure to experiement! deep eddy also does a sweet tea and cranberry vodka that are on my list to try.



  1. This sounds so delicious! I've never heard of this stuff but I'll definitely be checking into it.

    ps- love the disclaimer :)

    Life in the Little Yellow House

  2. Yum!! These are so delicious--the colors sure make lovely photos, too!


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