Friday, January 23, 2015

birmingham bloggers + bottle & bone

if you live in birmingham, you know who's got the meats: bottle & bone.

bottle & bone is a new establishment at the uptown entertainment district on the north side of town, catering to the beer, wine and meat lovers of birmingham. in addition to a to-die-for brunch, bacon flights (yeah. bacon. flights.), beer & wine on a tap plus any cut of meat you could ever ask for, bottle & bone hosts butchering classes, beer tastings and so, so much more.

the wonderful jen barnett of bottle & bone invited birmingham bloggers to stop by and get a taste of what bottle & bone has to offer. we sampled multiple bacon flights and boudin balls. those went kinda quick, as expected. we also tried the 'beef on wcek', which features brisket, brown sauce & creme fraiche, and the 'the daily grind', an awesome burger with pickles & aged cheddar.

paired with the bacon flights and awesome sandwiches, we sampled some dark beers - even a peanut butter ale! everyone sipped wine, local brews and chatted the night away while we got to know the menu. i met a lot of new birmingham bloggers and had fun talking with everyone!

thank you so, so much to jen and the entire bottle & bone team for hosting us! this place is awesome y'all, and i am so glad we've got such a unique addition to the birmingham culinary scene. bottle & bone is truly one of a kind. click here to take a look at their menu. if you're in birmingham and you haven't stopped in yet, you're missing out. cannot wait to go back!

some photos courtesy of the wonderful www.bethcakes.com :)


  1. How fun! I am sad I missed it! A Bacon Flight... I will have to check this place out one weekend :)


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