Thursday, January 15, 2015

we found love right where we are

last weekend i took a quick trip to nashville. it was an incredible weekend, and i always have a blast up there. i tried a lot of new restaurants (gabby's burgers, barista parlor, city winery, husk, suzy wong's house of yum...), visited arrington vineyards down near franklin, hit up printer's alley, went to a sunday drag show brunch, y'know, the usual.

sometimes i think nashville is the place i wanna be if/when i move. sometimes, i feel like i wan to push myself to go further. i'm not sure right now. but i do know that nashville is a fantastic place, and i'm so happy it's only a 2.5 hour drive up i-65.

working on: this saturday is our first birmingham bloggers event of 2015 - a resolutions coffee chat at this fabulous new coffee shop on the north side of town. we've been prepping the chat material, packing up the goodie bags (pssst... xoxoheartarrow!) & getting really excited. beth and i have also been to tons of meetings lately... spring 2015 is shaping up to be fabulous for sure!

daydreaming about: all the travel that's about to smack me in the face this year. not kidding. i'm going everywhere. at least it feels that way. i'm heading to new orleans for mardi gras, austin, hopefully charleston this summer, san francisco, and i'm sure i'll end up in atlanta, nashville and the beaches again. it's about to get crazy.

watching: totally binging on portlandia. i watched season one months ago, but now i'm back on it. thank goodness season five just started. i have a huge schoolgirl crush on fred armisen, despite some of the bizarre things you can read about him online if you go lurking (dude's weird, but i have this thing for absurdly talented people, and he's so freakin' talented)

listening: so i just finished the serial podcast - so addicting! i loved but of course, it left me feeling very conflicted. i have my opinion but i won't spoil for anyone who hasn't listened. i've also started listening to a new podcast, being boss. while i'm not exactly what i'd call an entrepreneur, this podcast has some great nuggets for anyone managing their time/money, working on huge projects & navigating into uncharted creative territory. totally reccomend.


  1. I need to go back to Nashville so bad! Annddd I'm jealous of all your travel plans. Birmingham Bloggers don't even know what's coming in 2015! ;)

  2. I can't wait to hear about the event and your goodie bags! Your trip to Nashville sounds amazing! xo


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