Monday, February 23, 2015

birmingham bloggers blogentine bash

i think the word blogentine is one that has needed to exist for, y'know, a while now.

for our first february event, birmingham bloggers hosted a blogentine bash party at fab'rik boutique in homewood. attendees were matched up secret santa style with their "blogentine", and brought gifts to exchange to the party. we were treated to some delicious snacks from rachel - beet & ricotta topped crostinis, hummus and sriarcha deviled eggs. beth made some beautiful red velvet madeleines, and fab'rik supplied us with a yummy prosecco + pomegranate cocktail.

everyone chatted, mingled & exchanged their gifts, and then fab'rik gave away some awesome door prizes, including the chance for two bloggers do to an instagram takeover and run fab'rik's insta for a day. it was super chilly outside, but bloggers braved the cold & came out to party with their blogentines, and we are so grateful!

a few of y'all spoke with me about your feelings on this community, and i honestly have not been able to stop thinking about it since. i am so happy and honored to be able to bring everyone together. y'all made my week, seriously. we want to continue to create events that inspire and educate.

speaking of which, if you're a birmingham bloggers member, head to this link to fill out a survey & be entered to win a $25 giftcard to babalu tacos & tapas. we truly want your feedback regarding what you'd like to hear at one of our march events, a workshop with the birmingham social media guru wade kwon. thank you in advance!

everyone at fab'rik was so helpful and accomodating! they're a fantastic boutique, and if you've got one in your city and have not visited, please make your way there asap - they just got in a ton of spring items that are gorgeous, not to mention, winter items are on sale!

thank you fab'rik for hosting us!

photos via bethcakes :)


  1. That looks like so much fun. I use to go to fab'rik all the time when I lived in Savannah.

  2. That wall full of Piko Tops looks amazing!! I always have a hard time finding them because they sell out so fast-I'll have to make a trip to fabrik asap!!



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