Monday, February 9, 2015

how i stay organized

we've all got our methods. in the past year or so, i've fully transitioned to online calendars, to do lists and organization - something that years ago would have made me shudder. i was a proud moleskin lover, carried my planner wherever i went, and essentially kept my life in it. somewhere, somehow, i made the leap to fully digital organization. some of these tips can still be applied on paper, but i find the seamless integration of the digital apps really makes my life easier.

i strive for inbox zero.

i use gmail, so i separate my email into categories. i create folders for each. for example, on my personal blog email address, i have general, giveaways, partnerships, a folder for emails from networks/societies and reader feedback. when i get an email, i let it sit in my inbox until i have a chance to respond. once it's been responded to, i sort it into one of these folders. this way, i know what i have and haven't had a chance to address - and once i've addressed it, it's out of the way.

i maintain to do lists & update them regularly.

i use the todoist app for my lists, and it's such a lifesaver. you are able to create multiple "projects" and add lists for each. you are also able to create recurring to-do items - for example, if you know you plan your social media on hootsuite every week, you can set up a "plan social media" recurring item that will automatically appear on your list every sunday, or the day you select. every time i email someone or start a project, i put "follow up with ____" on my to do list, just in case they don't reply.

i use google calendar to plan posts + events.

my google calendar combines my personal life and blogging life. when you get an invitation to an event, put it on your calendar without even thinking. i often throw down events i'm not even sure i'm going to attend, but when the time finally comes and i have a better idea of what i'm doing that day, it helps to remember i have the option. google calendar syncs with my phone, so i can quickly access my appointments for the day.

i say no to email on weekends.

this is kind of a half truth. i don't respond to emails on weekends, and 8 times out of 10, i try not to read them and save it for monday. however, i often find myself working on sundays, so if you absolutely must, write and respond to emails, and save them as drafts and send later. or, use boomerang to schedule emails to be sent at a later time.


  1. Awesome tips! I'm going to have to check out boomerang for sure, I've never heard of it!

  2. I so need to put your email tips to use. I constantly have thousands of unread emails for all 3 of my email accounts. It's a wreck and I find that just looking at my inbox and seeing the number stresses me out.


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