Wednesday, March 4, 2015

my nashville favorites

nashville is a short 3 hour drive from birmingham, so weekend trips there are one of my favorite things. the culinary scene is nashville is diverse and delicious, the coffee is amazing, and the entertainment is second to none. now obviously, i'm not a local, but i've spent some time in nashville and have developed some go-to spots.

i'm very excited to continue exploring music venues, bars & restaurants in the music city whenever i get a chance. i am dying to try the patterson house for cocktails and etch for dinner!  if you've been to nashville, what are your favorite spots?

my favorite bites

  • gabby's burgers - ok, so the great nashville burger war. i have been to the pharmacy, and honestly? i prefer gabby's. it's a burger. it's gonna be delicious. the atmosphere at pharmacy is super great. but taste wise? gabby's, hands down. best burger in nashville. cool staff. go. you won't regret it.
  • silo - my favorite in germantown. described as "upscale southern", you can get your hot chicken here with a fantastic cocktail on the side. silo serves family style sides, including killer mac n cheese, jalapeno bacon cornbread with bacon butter and more. their drinks are delicious and i felt like dying and going to heaven afterwards. it's almost a year since i've been and my friends and i still talk about this place.
  • barista parlor - if you want to die and go to heaven after eating a sausage biscuit, this is your place. you cannot beat coffee + a fresh biscuit here. don't be intimidated by the menu, the baristas are super friendly and will gladly point you in the right direction. 

drink highlights

  • crema - i am such a fan of the cozy, mod coffee shops. they remind me of austin. crema is a really laid back atmosphere where you'll find all sorts of folks. their iced mocha is my favorite.
  • city house - if you want a killer gin cocktail, this is your place. devoid of the often typical vodka + fruit combos (don't get me wrong, i love 'em), city house has a broad, diverse cocktail menu. and they're all delicious. my favorite was the samson - gin, vermouth, lemon soda, bitters & grapefruit.
  • arrington vineyards - even though we aren't in california, going to a winery is so, so much fun. at arrington, it's worth it to purchase the "premier experience", which includes a tour of the property, a low down on wine production & a tasting experience with cheese. yum!

fun odds & ends

  • love circle - love circle overlooks the city. it's a perfect place for a picnic or to enjoy a breezy afternoon. type it in to your gps and it might come up (i think?) but if not, ask a local and i promise you'll find your way there.
  • 'i believe in nashville' sign - there are two of these in the city. i happen to prefer the larger one on the marathon music works door. the other one is located at 12 south dental studio. both are great photo ops!
  • nashville predators game at bridgestone arena - this was my very first nhl game! i'm not very into hockey, but it's an experience that's fun and worth watching. a hockey team? in the south? oh yeah.


  1. I love going to Nashville. We just went in October for a predators game. I'm a big hockey fan (as a former northern haha) so it's hard not having a team closer. Next time we go I'll have to remember to look at this list.

    1. Easiest roadtrip from Birmingham ever!

  2. I could have SO used this last year when I went for a weekend with my boyfriend. I've been to Nashville a time or two, but hadn't ever explored the city. This would have been a great road map. Saving it for my next trip!


  3. Nashville sounds like a great place to spend time in. Hope I can visit that place someday soon.


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