Wednesday, March 11, 2015

podcast crush: being boss

after finishing serial months ago, i got into podcasts again. and then, the other week, when i was at food media south, tina antolini's chat about her work with gravy, a podcast by southern foodways alliance, alleged that the medium was returning - with a vengeance! back in 2006-2009ish, i listened to podcasts all the time - on health, news and spirituality. they were my favorite thing to listen to on my morning drive. somehow, that habit tapered off, and i didn't launch into podcasts again until serial got popular.

back in january, i started listening to the being boss podcast by kathleen shannon and emily thompson, and i have listened to every episode since! it's a truly wonderful podcast targeted to creative entrepreneurs, be it bloggers, creatives, small business owners, or just awesome folks looking to feel inspired. it's become part of my tuesday work ritual to listen to a new episode in the afternoon.


some of my favorite takeaways from recent episodes...

  • self care is so important. take care of yourself. prioritize. schedule your workouts and downtime onto your calendar if you have to. you are your number one employee! if your number one employee is neglected - how can work get done?!
  • your personal brand matters. show up as yourself 100% of the time in work & personal life.
  • if you've got a side project or career, it should be giving you energy, not depleting it. if you're feeling burnt out by a day job in addition to a side project, take a step back from your side project and take a break.
  • define what professional means for yourself, and uphold those standards. professional doesn't have to mean a power business suit. consider what these standards mean for your business.

what are your favorite podcasts?


  1. I might be hooked, and I blame you (in a good way). Thanks!

  2. My favorite podcast right now is The Beer Geeks Radio Hour. It's based out of Pittsburgh, and they drink beer from different breweries every week. They even get to talk with some of Brewers or owners from the breweries during the show as well.

  3. I love that podcast too! They crack my up and I love how real their advice it. I'm also loving She Percolates right now. You should check it out!


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