Monday, April 20, 2015

5 birmingham favorites

well hello! april has been a quiet month for this blog (more on that in my next post on wednesday) but i'm happy to say things are starting to settle down and i'll be back to regular posting very soon!

having lived in birmingham for almost 2 years, i've got my go-to spots. i could endlessly list our james beard award winning eateries, trendy coffee shops and beautiful outdoor spots, but i figured i'd list the five places i actually frequent on a nearly weekly basis. i have so many favorites that i adore, but these are the places that i find myself most often (and picking just five was really, really difficult!)

01. railroad park - now this is a given, but if you aren't spending time at railroad park, what are you doing? my favorite thing is to take a blanket and picnic to railroad around sunset (and maybe some wine? shhh....) and enjoy the weather.

02. collins bar - kinda don't know what i'd do without this place. our cocktail scene is just getting started, and collins is boldly blazing a popular path. stop in and let the bartenders know what your favorite spirits are, and they'll whip you up something custom. there is no menu!

03. melt - what started as a grilled cheese food truck has now blossomed into a brick & mortar restaurant in the heart of avondale. i'm at melt way too freaking much. their cocktails are divine and the seasonal menu is always rotating with fresh ingredients. my favorite? the buffalo chicken melt and a matilda loaded cocktail. matilda is the name of the food truck!

04. moss rock nature preserve - aside from ruffner and oak mountain, moss rock is my favorite for a simple hike on a breezy day. the entire trail is covered so you can stay cool in the shade, and the boulders in boulder field are beautiful! i love the creek and waterfalls along the trail. this is definitely worth the drive down to hoover.

05. o'henry's coffee - do you realize how hard this is for me? picking a coffee shop? i love all birmingham coffee offerings, but o'henry's has my heart. it was one of the first coffee shops i started frequenting here in town. the o'henry's in highland park opened just as i moved to the area. additionally, i founded birmingham bloggers with beth and molly at o'henry's, hold nearly all of my meetings there, and have ruled their cold brewed iced coffee the best in town.

birmingham folks, what are your top 5 local favorites?


  1. I love all of these places! I am ashamed to say I haven't been to Melt yet. And I haven't been to all the great hiking and outdoorsy spots. I need to fix this now that the weather is pretty!


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