Monday, May 11, 2015

birmingham fashion week 2015

i was fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to attend birmingham fashion week 2015! started in 2011, birmingham fashion week has grown into a fixture in the community for creativity, opportunity and a showcase of talent. so yes, birmingham has a fashion week, and yes, it is fabulous!

i attended on thursday and saturday nights and was so, so impressed. above are some of my favorite looks from thursday night's rising/emerging design stars, who are talented highschool/college students showcasing their work. on saturday night, alabama grad shan latris was crowed the winner of the emerging design stars, which made me so happy to see. there were tons of alabama students showcasing their work - but pssst, don't tell anyone, but my favorite emerging design star collection was from kayla sherman of auburn.

i also felt like this was the sort of occasion that required a selfie stick. i've recently been gifted one of these things and y'know, they aren't half bad. everyone stares when you use it, but i feel like they'll be fairly commonplace before long - whether the world likes it or not. i felt silly. but uh, hey, it's a nice selfie, i guess. not exactly an item i'll be toting around on the daily, but... you never know.

on saturday night, after shows from tribe kelley and fab'rik, the show i looked forward to most was heidi elnora, and it did not disappoint! what started as a soft, gentle bridal medley set to violin exploded into a rock n' roll party with guns n' roses and fist pumping in wedding gowns. the finale brought a beautiful gold gown and stunning gold foil makeup - a definite photoworthy moment for everyone in the crowd.

after the show, heidi expressed her gratitude and talked about her small town upbringing. it was inspiring to see how far she has come and what her brand has grown into! in case you didn't know, heidi has her own show in tlc, bride by design, and has enjoyed great success. it's awesome to have her representing alabama in the fashion world.

i had a wonderful time at fashion week - i can't wait to go again!



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