Wednesday, June 10, 2015

decor wishlist + recent finds

recently i've been working on sprucing up my living room, and i've decided to go with a blueish/navy theme. my couch is grey, so i've got navy/blue pillows and i'm in desperate need of a navy accent chair! i'm in love with the art from parima studio, and i'm dying to add some of her pieces to my collection. above my couch, i'm working on a gallery wall, so the pineapple and flamingo prints are perfect!

one of my favorite resources i've come across recently is mrs. fancee's collection of curated gallery walls, made of free prints! they're all pre-arranged, color coordinated and freakin' awesome. seriously, if you're looking to make a gallery wall, check this out! it's been a major source of inspiration while i'm redecorating.

what are your latest decor finds?


  1. Love, love, love all of this! I'm having a huge navy crush right now. I love is paired with bright white and Kelly green.

  2. That storage shelf is so great! I've been looking for something to put our new TV on. Why is Ikea so wonderful??

  3. Love all these picks- the pineapples are my favorite! And thanks for sharing the free prints :)
    This Side of Paradise


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