Wednesday, June 3, 2015

how to have the best blogging/social media conference experience

conference season is here! if you're a blogger like me, you're gearing up to make your yearly conference rounds, and you're thrilled to meet some new faces and have another great experience. or, perhaps, you're a conference newbie, and want to show up prepared! no worries, i gotcha.

i'm writing this post with introverts in mind - only because, as i've expounded on previously (see 'the beauty of introversion'), many, many blogging folk are introverted. the extroverts are usually out at mixers, not photographing a new face wash they got in the mail from 4,000 different angles. so, if this is your first conference and you're a little shy, never fear.

getting the most out of a conference involves going in with the right mindset. it's ok to be nervous. but overall, be positive! this is a new opportunity, a new experience, and most of all, it's fun! talking to people all day can be exhausting - hell, even thinking of how you'll approach people you don't know is exhausting! trust me, i've been there. bring your cutest outfits, get your nails done, wear some comfortable shoes, grab a venti iced americano & get ready to feel your best - you'll have a blast!

read up on my tips to get the most out of your blogging/social media conference below.

bring your business cards

if you're a blogger and you don't have business cards, get them. immediately. if you're chatting with someone and don't have a card to offer, you'll regret it. trust me, i've been there. don't leave for the conference without them!

stay up to date on stats

a few days before the conference, take a look at your pageviews, unique visitors, most popular posts, etc. and have this information on hand. you can even print out our stats and bring them along, or have a copy of your media kit printed or available quickly via dropbox/google drive. if it's a conference where you'll be chatting with brands and fellow collaborators, you'll want to be up to date.

set small goals

want to hand out 10 business cards? talk to 5 new people? meet your favorite presenter? discover 3 new businesses you'd like to work with? set some small goals before the conference and keep a list on your phone as a reminder. complete your list before the end of the con!

do one thing that makes you uncomfortable

whether it's raising your hand to share a question or story at a presentation, working up the guts to talk to your favorite brand, or grabbing improtu drinks with some fellow conference attendees, make sure you do one thing you may not have planned, but you know will enrich your experience.

make real connections & stay in touch

you can hand out a pack of 100 business cards but not make an authentic connection with a single person. don't spread yourself too thin, and focus on talking with people you really connect with. most importantly, maintain these connections! follow your new friends/business partners on social media, and stay in touch until next year.


  1. "Stay up to date on stats" ... BUT YOU TOLD ME THERE WOULDN'T BE ANY MATH?!?!?!

    Thanks, Meredith, for your great tips and for joining us for Y'all Connect! (We'll try to make the networking as painless as possible.)

    1. Thanks Wade! Looking forward to next Friday.

  2. This is so cool. I hope to go to a blogging conference one day!
    Tegan xx - Permanent Procrastination


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