Wednesday, June 24, 2015

overcoming blogging self doubt & putting yourself out there

i hear so, so many bloggers doubting themselves and what they're blog is capable of. maybe you do only have 8 followers on bloglovin', but how are you ever going to get beyond that if you don't take a chance? what about getting involved in a community? what about asking your favorite brand of chocolate chips to send you a bag to sample and review? why haven't you?

even from the safety of our comfy couches watching the bachelorette with a glass of pinot grigio as we write a blog post... we're afraid to be judged. even though a computer screen separates us from face-to-face interactions, the anxiety lingers - "what if they say no?" or "what if they don't like my blog?".

this self doubt is the same breed of doubt that sometimes pops up in our daily lives. "does this outfit look good on me?" or "am i really ready for this job interview?" - it's all the same, rooted in insecurity, waiting to be conquered. the same is true for your blogging/social media self doubt. let's get rid of it!

here are some no nonsense, action oriented tips to build your blogging/collaboration confidence, and put yourself out there digitally.

find your blogging buddy

go on the hunt for a blogger who feels like they're in a similar spot, whether y'all both write about the same content, live in the same area or have the same number of followers. maybe you already know this blogger. if not, reach out to them on social media and make a connection - say hello! then, shoot them an email about working together and finding a way to boost both of your pageviews. come up with a guest post series, promote each other's content weekly, share one another's posts, launch a giveaway together.

build your collaboration mojo - start small

so, you're a beauty blog, and you'd really like to review some nail polish at no expense of your own. sure, you could try to track down sephora's pr team and ask for some samples, but have you built your collaboration resume first? i never discourage going after the big fish - you should - but realistically, they're going to wonder if you've done this before.

who/what do you want to work with, and how can you downsize that just a tad to get your feet wet? beauty companies are a dime a dozen - is there a local and/or small startup you could contact instead? work with a few smaller brands to develop a rhythm and build your confidence - and brand's trust. want more information about how to approach bloggers & brands for collaboration? read these posts!

dare to be vulnerable

you know that post you've always wanted to write, the one you keep locked away in the back of your head? maybe it's a super serious post about life and relationships, or maybe you just really really want to publish the post about your grandmother's banana bread that includes a photo of her. whatever it is, put it out there, and own it. it's that simple. sometimes, you're the only thing holding yourself back.


  1. Great post! I always tell myself, "what is the worst they can say? no."

  2. Great advice! I feel like these issues quietly nag at me a lot, but I've never taken time to sit down and really think them through or think about how to resolve them, but you've inspired me to get moving and start making things happen :) Thanks for sharing!


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