Tuesday, July 14, 2015

southern blog society's 3rd annual conference [part 2]

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after the wonderful sessions at the conference that morning, it was time for the brand networking sessions! the curtains in the riviera theater were pulled back to reveal a ballroom full of brands, rangning from moon & lola, lilly pulitzer, vera bradley, physician's formula and so many more!

we grabbed a vera bradley tote bag and got to work on networking while we enjoyed snacks and mimosas. i made my way to every table, swapped business cards and handed out my media kit - which i'm so, so glad i got printed.

after the brand networking sessions, we were free to explore for the night. first, we ventured up king street and ended up at the moon & lola store (because clearly, we didn't get enough moon and lola at the brand networking session!). next, we ended up at cumberland's smokehouse for some good old fashioned carolina bbq. i actually really, really enjoyed the carolina sauce, which is vinegar/mustard based.

after that, we ventured to the gin joint for cocktails and s'mores, and man, were they amazing! the place reminded me a lot of collins bar here in birmingham. the menu was, of course, mostly gin drinks, but you could tell the bartender two adjectives - i went with "tart" and "refreshing" - for a custom drink. bloggers love cocktails!

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on sunday, we woke up and had a farewell breakfast at the charleston grill, and then promptly got to exploring downtown because we hadn't really had a chance to take in the scenery. we walked from the belmond all the way to the battery on the water, taking in charleston charm along the way.

all in all, my first experience in charleston was one for the books. i cannot wait to go back. the conference took up a huge chunk of our time, of course, so i would love another opportunity to go back and explore the city. the culture, the people, everything is incredible.

thank you so much to jessica, cathy and the southern blog society for putting on this amazing event. i can't wait to return next year!

until next time, sbs con!

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  1. I love Charleston and I would have loved to attend this conference. Can you please inform me of how I would find information about attending next year?


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