Monday, August 17, 2015

3 ways a blogging community changes how you blog

being a blogger has always been considered a "solo" activity. you're writing posts alone. you're sitting in your living room trying to find the angle that doesn't reflect that weird blip of light on the tube of lipstick you're photographing. i mean, i've had "blogging parties" where a bunch of bloggers come over, write posts together, set up shots for food/makeup and go to town. i'm kind of sure this isn't the norm, though.

as most readers of my blog know, beth, molly and i started birmingham bloggers back in april of 2014. it changed my entire blogging landscape. i've written a little bit about how blogging, in general, has changed my social life. but there's a bigger conversation at hand about how a unified, organized community of bloggers can transform the way you blog.

it provides never-ending inspiration and ideas.

when you're connected to a local group of bloggers, you're constantly provided with inspiration and ideas. if you're all mingling at the local farmers market, maybe your local blogging friend comes up with an idea to interview local farms and blog farm-to-table recipes. this neat idea is directly correlated with your local blogging landscape. if you aren't connected to the local blogging scene, you're missing awesome stuff like this!

sometimes, the best ways to get connected are right in front of you. what would happen if you added a unique local slant to your blog? what would happen if you and local bloggers discovered some hidden gems in your community, and used that as inspiration for a new series of posts?

it motivates you & keeps you in check.

we all get lazy. sometimes the best motivators are the ones you can see face-to-face. a local blogging group can hold monthly goal setting sessions where you get together and chat all things blog, then set your goals for the month. your real-life blogging friends will be there to keep you motivated! as a united blogging community, you can even come up with challenges, goals and contest to keep one another writing.

it gives you fantastic friends with a common interest.

i cannot even begin to count how many lovely people i hang out with because of birmingham bloggers. sure, maybe i'd have found them otherwise, but honestly? i don't think i would have. i've met women who inspire me and are just as passionate about birmingham as i am. i've met friends who i have ridiculous, never-ending group texts going with and friends who i drink martinis with on "'tini tuesday". i met them because they joined birmingham bloggers. how awesome is that?!

if you don't have a blogging community in you area, start one! sound daunting? no worries - check out my first e-book, 'building your blog community: gather, connect & get local', out august 31st. i pretty much spill everything i've got on how beth, molly and i run birmingham bloggers! i've got insider tips, how to approach a business to work with your community, how to keep track of everyone, event ideas and so much more. i've really put my heart and soul into this one!

if you'd like a special discount, subscribe to my newsletter. you'll get an email when the book is available, AND you'll get a discount code for 20% off on the day of launch. enjoy!

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