Monday, October 26, 2015

4 ways you're doing social media wrong (+ how to fix them)

as a blogger, i spend a lot of time on social media. my favorite platforms right now are twitter and snapchat (which is an entire other can of worms, by the way!) and i love connecting with other bloggers on both. on twitter especially, i see a lot of folks utilizing the platform in the complete and total wrong way - but of course, this applies to all other mediums, too.

it's important to be consistent and strategic with your social media. after all, you're among millions and millions of other messages going out at the exact same second. if you're going to take the time to write it, why not make it count?

check below for some common social media no-no's, + how to fix them.

not filling out your profiles completely

i see a ton of folks doing this. why?! i'll visit someone's twitter profile thinking they're a local business, and they don't have their "location" field filled out. so, i glance at a few tweets. i still don't recognize the area/relevance, so i shrug, click out of the page, and move on. what a missed potential opportunity! had i know this cute donut shop was definitely in birmingham, i would have followed them.

your profile, whether it's on twitter, facebook or instagram, is your first impression. people skim these pages quickly and make the decision to follow you in less than a few seconds. why not make sure your profiles pack a punch?! fill out every field - your website, your location, your bio. if you have something important to offer your readers (an important, must-read post, an e-book, an e-course, etc.) use a URL shortening tool like bit.ly to throw a link to your offer in your bio (see my pinterest for example).

linking up networks without customizing messages

i know, i know. this is such a timesaver, isn't it? if you're posting on facebook, for example, you can choose to have it automatically push to twitter, instagram, etc. - and wow, you've just covered all your bases in a few seconds.

for me, there's nothing more disheartening that going to a twitter account and finding it riddled with "fb.me" links back to facebook. customizing messages separately and thoughtfully for each platform is important. not to mention, users aren't always frequenting these platforms at the same time. you may be on facebook during your lunchbreak, but instagram users are going crazy liking/posting after 5pm. if you linked your photo to post on facebook, twitter and instagram at once, you missed some careful scheduling that could have yielded more likes and engagement.

tagging other users without an introduction

ah, the old "stand on the soapbox and yell into a megaphone" technique, i like to call it. if you're a small blogger tweeting at or tagging a large business, go for it. but otherwise? why not introduce yourself instead of prompting someone to see your tag/tweet/post and say, "who the hell is that?".

this does not apply if you're simply sharing a post you found helpful or interesting, nor does it apply to favoriting your blogger crush's tweets. nope. what i'm talking about is akin to posting an image from your latest blog post and tagging random bloggers in hopes they take a look at it. this applies to businesses, too, in the form of tweeting a copied & pasted message like "come try our pizza, 50% off on tuesdays!" to hundreds of local twitter accounts. o-m-g, please stop!

form a relationship. say hey to your favorite bloggers. promote their content, reply to their tweets. you won't have to stand on a soapbox and yell if you build relationships with your peers.

not focusing on where your tribe is

here's a secret: you don't need every form of social media. some mediums just aren't right for you or your brand. you may not feel like you fit in on snapchat. everyone who comments on your blog may have zero interest in twitter. and that's ok!

sit down and brainstorm your ideal reader. you could even conduct a survey! ask your readers where they hang out. focus your energy there! if none of your clients or readers are on facebook, then quit crafting messages for facebook and re-shift your energy. again, social media isn't just a big megaphone you're screaming into. be strategic with where your voice travels.

what are your favorite social media tips?

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  1. This is a very interesting article - one that I gained a great deal of insight from. Yes, I am guilty of tagging people on twitter to read my blog posts. Some of them have read them before and shared them, so i try to focus more on them, but I have randomly done this. I am not all that savvy where twitter is concerned, and I have no idea how to schedule times to post. I usually post in the wee hours of the morning before I go to work, because that is normally when i write. I would love some suggestions, if you have them. They would be truly appreciated and welcomed. My blog address is http://walkinginmydestiny.com , if you were to have tips on improving that also. God Bless!

  2. Great, helpful, insightful, article Meredith! :) I'm one of the megaphone social media people you're talking about...in some ways, not all of them! Lol, definitely #FoodForThought!


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