Wednesday, October 21, 2015

6 tips to recharge during fall

oh, fall. you're everyone's favorite, including mine. i love fall clothing, the october air, my birthday on october 13th, halloween, the leaves, the activities, how it signals the start of the holiday season... but i think we can all agree that something shifts in fall. for me, it does. everything just feels better. i'm happier in fall. i'm more productive and self aware. i spend more time thinking, planning and enjoying.

fall is a time to love yourself and be happy! the chilly weather doesn't mean you have to sit inside and netflix binge constantly - though you definitely should do that at some point. there are many things you can do during fall to refocus and recharge. here's what i do:

make some freezer meals

oh yeah. you know it. use that crockpot! take some cooking stress off and make your own freezer meals so you can have a hot dinner ready in seconds after a long, chilly day. soups, casseroles and the like are perfect for this. my personal favorites? chicken poppyseed casserole, sweet potato ground turkey quinoa chili, chicken enchilada soup, or turkey burgers with feta and sundried tomato. i've made, frozen and reheated all of these recipes with great success.

try that baking project

fall is time for baking! make some banana bread (this recipe literally smells like fall!) or pumpkin spice cupcakes. you can even make some chocolate chip cookie dough and freeze half the dough in a log, so you can have fresh baked cookies anytime you want during the chilly months.

read something good for your soul

'lean in' is a must, ok? 'bossypants' gives us life. but sometimes, you need a little, dare i say it... chicken soup for the soul. ha. i mean, you can read those if you like. i like stories of redemption and growth, but not fiction. my favorites are 'make it happen' by lara casey and 'adventures for your soul' by shannon kaiser. these are books that pull you in, hug you tight and nourish you inside out with inspiration, love and a new perspective. get cozy.

get outside

i know it's tempting to stay snuggled under the covers, but get outside and take at least one fall hike to take in the scenery and the crisp air. you can soak in a long bubblebath afterwards and put on your fuzzy socks.

pamper yourself

you've been feeding your body right, taking in the fall air, reading some words of encouragement... keep doing that! find ways to pamper yourself, whether its keeping your skin moisturized, getting an extra hour of sleep or going to a pumpkin patch with friends. summer is all about energy, being outside, shifting your focus to the sunny world outside - bring that focus back in. return to your inner monologue. how are you doing? have a glass of wine and watch scandal. meditate. breathe.

and finally, start that project

you've been taking care of yourself for a little while and drawing your energy back inwards, shifting your focus to yourself. as humans, we really do kinda hibernate, don't we? i feel like we do! use this time to take care of yourself and start that project you've been neglecting. with all your newfound, recharged energy, you'll be ready to tackle your next big thing - whatever it may be.


  1. Love these tips! I feel so much more alive in the fall here that it has proven to be the perfect time for me to tackle some of the projects that have been swimming around in my brain all summer.


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