Thursday, October 15, 2015

how to use google calendar as a blogging editorial calendar

using an editorial calendar is a great way to plan your posts with the timing and schedule in mind. making a simple list of post ideas is great, but actually jotting them all down on a calendar and prepping with dates in mind can help you create a better flow and variety on your blog.

to do this, i use google calendar. if you have a gmail account, you've already got a google calendar! access it by heading to your apps. in addition to being my editorial calendar, google calendar serves as my life calendar too. i put all my appointments and meetings in it. however, this post is just about using it for blogging.

google calendar is an easy to use, comprehensive tool for many reasons. read on!

color code & coordinate

i set up all of my blog posts as events. i color code them so that they're a separate color from my regular day to day events and appointments. i list the title/general idea of the blog post as the title of the event. having posts created as events allows me to easily check out how my week looks in posts, and it also looks great on the google calendar mobile app.

add inspiration and ideas to event details

once i've created my post as event, if i'm brainstorming what i want to write about, or a list of topics i want to cover, i'll go the the "details" page for the event, and quickly jot down my thoughts. click "edit event" to access the details page. in the "description" box, add your notes.

when i make my editorial calendar, the posts i'm planning are sometimes weeks away and won't be written until the week of or before. i keep some notes so i won't forget the original inspiration for what i want to write about.

move your "events" around 

the #1 advantage to having a digital calendar as opposed to a written one is moving posts around with ease. no scribbling out an idea or event - just move it! i change my mind all the time on when a blog should go up. maybe i had a long weekend and didn't get around to writing that post on my fall wishlist, but i already have a post on SEO ready & written so... i just move it on my calendar and keep track.

how do you keep track of your blog posts? do you make a list, maybe on paper or your phone, and pick different things to write each week? or do you use a calendar to plan it out?


  1. This is a great way to stay organized! Thanks for sharing your #blogging tips, Meredith!


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