Tuesday, November 24, 2015

the ultimate pinterest for bloggers round-up + free checklist for pinterest success

earlier this month, birmingham bloggers came together with holly prim of diy girl cave to host a fun, informative workshop on pinterest basics for bloggers. we had a fabulous time on a chilly saturday morning sipping coffee from revelator coffee, followed by a yummy lunch sponsored by birmingham's very own social media conference, y'all connect! wade kwon of y'all connect was gracious enough to give away a free pass for 2016's conference, which we were all so excited about. phew, what a morning!

i wanted to pass along some of the information that beth, holly and i came up with for the pinterest workshop. pinterest is a beast, y'all, and it seems like it's ever-changing. pinterest strategy from 2013 is essentially not relevant at all now, but hey, that can be said for any social media platform, right?

getting more in-tune with my pinterest strategy has been on my to-do list forever, and it honestly wasn't until holly approached birmingham bloggers about a pinterest workshop that i got my ass into gear. a few weeks ago, i didn't even know what a rich pin was. yeaaaah. let that sink in.

if you're a blogger looking to maximize pinterest, there are infinite resources at your fingertips. so, i compiled them for you in a round-up! everyone linked here has tons to offer in the social media realm, so don't just stop at their posts on pinterest - browse their blogs for all the awesome resources they have to offer. but first - check this out...

just by being aware of my pinterest strategy, enabling rich pins, brushing up the look of my boards (go take a look - i branded them!), joining and pinning to group boards, pinning others content, pinning consistently with the help of scheduling apps and setting reminders on my phone to pin, i've noticed a spike in engagement and views! now, this is coming from my teeny tiny pinterest account that i only recently took seriously, but i'm kinda impressed with how quickly growth can happen! notice how my average monthly viewers have increased by 1,483%, and my monthly engagement has increased by 856%.

again, from my teeny tiny pinterest account. however, my point is that there are super simple steps you can take in the course of just a few hours that can make a huge difference. i'm still working on bumping up my re-pins and deleting old pins from my boards to boost their quality.

you can get on track to the same success by checking out the tutorials from these amazing bloggers and creatives below. and once you're done, download my free mini #checklistforsuccess to mark these action items off and totally re-think your pinterest game.

setting up your profile for success

how to write your pinterest bio like a boss 

enabling your pinterest business account

how to set up rich pins for blogger & wordpress

how to add the pin-it button to your blog (blogger)

how to add the pin- it button to your blog (wordpress)

adding the pinterest widget to your blog

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format images to be pinterest friendly

5 tools to create pinterest friendly images

how to brand your pinterest boards

getting collaboration savvy + joining group boards


how to create a group pinterest board

10 pinterest group boards for creative biz owners

how to collaborate like a boss (apply these tips to pinterest!)

how to find + join group boards

how to use group pinterest boards to go viral

beyond your regular ole' pinning + strategy

a guide to promoted pins

how i got 19k impressions using promoted pins

how to use pinterest promoted pins

a guide to getting noticed on pinterest + pinterest's smart feed

scheduling pins on tailwind 

what's the best pinterest scheduling tool?

9 reasons to delete your old pins

how deleting old pins tripled my pinterest presence 

40+ smart strategies to get more traffic from pinterest

i created a free checklist for success to help you get started after you check out these tutorials. this checklist is an interactive pdf, which means you can actually check off the items as you go! it includes all the basics and a few extras that help you make sure you've covered all your pinterest bases when it comes to having a killer account.

click below to download the pdf file, then open it in adobe reader or acrobat to access the interactive features.

send out a tweet with the hashtag #checklistforsuccess once you've completed the list. click here to tweet it! oh, and real quick - are we pinning together on pinterest? click here to follow give me a follow! i pin a ton of blogging/business tips, plus yummy recipes and general happiness/wellness tips.

what are your favorite pinterest strategies?  

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