Monday, January 4, 2016

new year wellness check + free checklist

i love the freshness a new year brings. we all jump on the bandwagon and get to work on new goals, new ideas and concepts to bring us closer to what we're all seeking - whether it's a jump start on business, adventure or health.

while i love the idea of a fresh start, i can't shake the notion that without proper planning and vision, a lot of "new years resolutions" end up falling flat by february. i make scheduled goals for my blog, life and business, but i also think taking time to reflect and check in is just as important. if you're not a resolutions or goal setting type, pausing to do a "wellness check" for yourself and your blog can be a beneficial milestone.

here are some things to consider before mindfully entering the new year:

pause and reflect

what did 2015 signify for you, your blog or business? was this a year of change and growth, or did you feel stagnant? what sort of changes can you make with the answer to this question? a great way to collect concrete data from third parties is to conduct a reader survey, but how do you feel about your content and direction? maybe you've already collected responses from loyal readers about their views on your blog or business, but have you paused to consider how you feel yet?


return to your roots

what made you want to write/blog in the first place? if you're feeling stuck regarding making goals for 2016, choosing a new direction or redefining your blog's purpose, return to a simple, honest statement about why you're doing what you're doing. who are you writing for? what is your blog's ultimate goal? do the goals and plans you're working on for 2016 align with these ideals?

do what feels right

so, were you one of those folks who blogged about a topic in 2015 because you felt like you had to? or maybe, you didn't get any blogging done at all, and were constantly beating yourself up about not posting enough. hell, maybe you even posted too much. do you find you've got a natural, "true to you" rhythm with blogging? maybe it's time to listen to the little voice in your head and hit the ground running, or take a step back with a planned, coordinated blogging break. either way, make 2016 about what works uniquely for you and your blog.

click below to download a free copy of my new year wellness check for bloggers to help you get off on the right foot for 2016. 

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  1. Although I know sometimes we shouldn't think too much about things (experience life, don't say no as often), I know that we do need to stop and think for a bit when it can affect our happiness alot.

    Do what feels right and what makes us happy - so so so important.
    I love this post.

    Ella Pinto xx


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