Tuesday, February 2, 2016

taking my own advice

you know how we all babble incessantly about the right way to do certain things... and kind of never do it ourselves? i wrote a post about how to take a blogging break, and it's pretty sound advice. except, i don't follow it myself. it's been a month since i last posted here, and i haven't said a peep.

i've spent time in the past forcing work and writing that isn't real, passionate and fluid. it sucks. and frankly, sometimes you have to do it. i'm a real pro at going into "get shit done" mode for what i decide is the greater good. but sometimes, you don't have to. and sometimes, you have to listen to what's really going on in your heart.

i love blogging. i love birmingham bloggers. i also love my friends, family, cooking dinner with a glass of wine on a tuesday night, going to yoga class, painting with my new liquid watercolors, listening to podcasts, learning spanish (duolingo, y'all!) and going to concerts. and i've kinda felt like doing those things as opposed to trying to crank out two posts on a sunday night. i feel a shift in my focus and energies. blogging in my own space on the internet is a passion for me, but i don't feel passionate right at this moment. this waxes and wanes.

so here i am, announcing my planned blogging "break". by that, i mean for this space, www.meredithnoelle.com. i'll take the next month or so to reevaluate this blog and how i can pick it back up again with a regular posting schedule. nothing is changing for birmingham bloggers - still planning events for spring, and hopefully some other fun stuff too! i'd just rather put my focus on "real life" community and having fun outside this space - for now.

keep up with me on twitter & instagram! if you live in birmingham, i hope to see you this spring at birmingham bloggers shindigs. see y'all soon.

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